Enhance your Spa Experience with Energy Work

Reiki Energy Balancing with Practitioners Elizabeth and Naomi & Holistic Energy Balancing with Practitioner Renee Marie

The services are available on an alternating basis.

Energy Work, simply put, is any system or tool a trained practitioner uses to focus on the Universal Life Force Energy that flows through us all with the intention of helping the client achieve balance and wellness on all levels—body, mind/emotions, and spirit. Energy work requires only a sincere and open mind, as the response of the client has as much to do with his or her willingness to receive as the practitioner’s willingness to be a vessel of healing energy.

Benefits Include:
♡ Stress relief
♡ Better sleep
♡ Pain management and relief
♡ Feeling of well-being
♡ Detoxification of the ‘bodies’
♡ Spiritual awareness

What to expect during your session:
Energy Work affects everyone differently.  Results can be subtle or dramatic depending on your body’s needs.  Some people are energized, some feel a sense of calm, and some even fall asleep.  You might feel some tingling, “pops”, warmth or even coolness.  All of this is perfectly normal; allow it to happen.

Reiki Energy Balancing with Practitioners Elizabeth and Naomi*

One-hour Session:          Single Practitioner   $120.00         Double Practitioner:  $160.00
Essential Oils Chakra Clearing:  $20.00 add-on      Crystal Therapy Chakra Clearing:  $12.50 add-on

ReikiNaomi Christensen and Elizabeth Ristow are both Reiki Masters/Teachers who have done energy work together for several years.  They seek to make your Reiki treatment a well-rounded, comforting and nurturing experience on all levels.   Reiki is available in single (one practitioner with a guest) or double (two practitioners with a guest) sessions.  While each practitioner provides a wonderful session on her own, there is a greater energy exchange during a double practitioner session that results from the unique synergy that exists between them.


Holistic Energy Balancing with Practitioner Renee Marie*

One-hour Session:  $120.00
Your session can focus on one or a combination of the following: Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

HolisticRenee Marie is a Holistic Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor and Nutrition Counselor.  With her soothing, loving demeanor she will address your whole body, listening to and feeling your energy.  She will then apply the holistic therapy or therapies your body needs.  At the end of your session, she will have a sheet of recommendations for your continued healing.


*Prices Subject to Change - Please confirm when booking

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